Sea-Green Jar Lamp

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Please note, this lamp has now been discontinued
General Jar Lamp in mottled sea-green glaze with specks of brown, red and deeper greens. The largest lamp in our range, constructed from a 42cm tall porcelain vase mounted on a hardwood stand and carrying a choice of a fully-lined pale silver/gold satin shade or dark chocolate-brown satin shade. Lamps are packed in pairs for safe transport. Minimum order is one pair i.e. 2 identical pieces.

Dimensions (l x b x h)
Base: 25cm diameter x 50cm
Pale silver/gold: 50cm diameter x 29cm high
Brown: 43cm diameter x 25cm
76cm overall (73cm with brown shade)

Porcelain, Metal, Man-made fibre



Polystyrene lined carton, cellophane wrapped shade

Other / Care / Cleaning Instruction
fitted with UK 3 pin plug and in-line switch.
60W max B22 bayonet bulb

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